Organic Methods for Control of Insect Pests and Diseases of Pecan and Peach Webinar

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About the Webinar

A number of insect pests and diseases can cause severe damage in orchard crops such as pecan and peach. Drs. David Shapiro-Ilan and Clive Bock from the USDA-ARS Fruit and Tree Nut Research Laboratory in Byron GA will provide information on organic solutions to control the key insect pests and diseases of pecan and peach. Based on their own research as well as others, Shapiro-Ilan and Bock will discuss organic approaches that are currently available as well as prospects for the future; some of their research results are applicable to other cropping systems as well. This webinar was recorded on January 29, 2013

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About the Presenters

David Shapiro-Ilan is a Research Entomologist with USDA-ARS; his research focuses on using microbial biocontrol agents to suppress insects pests (with emphasis on pests of pecan and peach). Dr. Shapiro-Ilan has published more than 120 scientific articles and book chapters on biological control of insect pests.

Clive Bock is a Research Plant Pathologist with USDA-ARS. His areas of expertise include plant disease epidemiology and integrated disease management, with particular reference to diseases of pecan. He has published 50 scientific articles and book chapters and given numerous presentations to both scientists and stakeholders.

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Published December 14, 2012

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