Predatory mite for the management of insect-transmitted viruses in vegetable production

Join us for the third webinar in our 2023 series about biocontrol on May 18, 2023. In this webinar, Dr. Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan of the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia will talk about applications of the mite Amblysius swirskii either alone or in combination with host resistance on management of thrips and whitefly-transmitted viruses in tomato and cucurbits production.

About the Presenter

Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Professor, Dept. of Entomology, UGA, conducts basic and applied research on important thrips, whitefly, and aphid-transmitted plant viruses affecting several crops in Georgia. His lab is currently involved in studying the process of virus transmission by vectors and management of insect-transmitted viruses.

Published May 2, 2023

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