Marketing Value-added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems

About the Webinar

The past decade has seen an increase in consumer demand for locally grown grains creating new opportunities for farmers. Greater demand has resulted in the emergence of regional supply chains for wheat, rye and other staple crops including corn, buckwheat and beans. Yet, as regional food systems continue to evolve and develop capacity to produce and handle these crops, pathways to market for non-commodity products remain challenging. 

Watch the recording of this webinar, which was presented on April 26, 2023, in which June Russell of Glynwood with guest Amber Lambke of Maine Grains share insight and experience from over a decade of value chain and market development, for organic small grains and other crops.



About the Presenters


June Russell is Director of Regional Food Programs at the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming, specializing in small grains and staple foods. June has acted as a value chain coordinator and strategist for the revival of grains and other foods in the Northeast over the past decade. June previously spent 17 years with GrowNYC where she spearheaded GrowNYC Grains, an initiative that utilized a multi-sector strategy to develop a market for regional grains. 

Amber Lambke is founder and CEO of Maine Grains, Inc., carried by specialty food stores and used by bakeries, breweries and chefs throughout the Northeast. She is also the founding director of the non-profit Maine Grain Alliance whose flagship event, the Kneading Conference, draws hundreds of attendees from around the world each year and has spawned countless similar conferences. A driving force behind Maine’s sustainable foods movement, Amber has worked with local business leaders and community members to successfully bring the cultivation and processing of grains back to the northeast. Her efforts have generated a broader understanding and appreciation of the flavor, nutrition, economic and environmental value of freshly milled, organic grains.

Additional Resources

CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute. GrowNYC Grainstand Evaluation. 2022

In partnership with the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute, GrowNYC and Glynwood conducted an evaluation of the GrowNYC Grainstand to build understanding of client purchasing patterns, grain knowledge, and motivations for shopping at the Grainstand.The evaluation also aimed to generate insight into the market potential of organic small grains and identify barriers to market growth.

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Funding for this webinar is provided by NIFA OREI as part of the project Value-added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems.

Published April 14, 2023

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