Understanding and Improving Honey Bee Nutrition for Sustainable Crop Pollination and Apiculture

This webinar took place on March 2, 2022.

About the Webinar

Poor nutrition is one of the major factors attributed to honey bee colony declines reported over the past fifteen years. Habitat loss, intensive agriculture, monocultures and changes in plant flowering phenology are most likely contributors to poor nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in mitigating effects of these stressors on bees. Currently, there is huge gap in knowledge pertaining to bee nutrition. So, it is necessary to understand honey bee nutrition holistically. This webinar will focus on (a) nutritional challenges facing honey bees during crop pollination (b) efforts to understand nutritional requirements of honey bees and (c) strategies to improve bee nutrition.

Presenter: Dr. Ramesh Sagili, Associate Professor of Apiculture, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University

Published January 3, 2022

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