Organic Seed Growers Conference 2018 Live Broadcast

Join eOrganic at the 2018 Organic Seed Growers Conference for live broadcasts of the Seed Economics Intensive on Feb 14th, and 2 more days of organic seed workshops on the 16th and 17th! You can attend any or all of these presentations and come and go as you wish from wherever you are! It's free, and just one advance registration is required! See the schedule below--because it is a live conference, the exact program might be subject to change. (Please note that there are some long breaks between sessions.)

Find all the recordings on the eOrganic YouTube channel as a playlist here!

February 14th: Seed Economics Intensive. 9-4:30 Pacific Time

Note: There will be 15-minute breaks at 10:15 and 3, and a lunch break from 1230-115 Pacific Time. Download a detailed schedule Link to Schedule

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Navigating the finances of growing seed commercially can be challenging and managing the risks are essential to success. Beginning and experienced seed growers are invited to join us for this one-day intensive to gain the tools needed for managing financial risk in commercial seed production. Get skilled at using budgeting tools to evaluate capital investments, expand enterprises, and assess market opportunities. We’ll examine real-world examples from seed growers with different marketing strategies to build knowledge of wholesale, retail, contract growing, as well as breeding and variety maintenance. Participants will have the opportunity to provide their own production examples and work with an agricultural economist to develop enterprise budgets. We’ll also hear from organic seed industry representatives about gaps in the seed supply, best practices for quality control, and projections for the future of the organic seed market.

Presenters: Sebastian Aguilar, Chickadee Farm; Travis Greenwalt, Highland Economics; Sam McCullough, Nash's Organic Produce; Tanya Murray, Oregon Tilth; Sarah Kleeger, Adaptive Seed; Tom Stearns, High Mowing Organic Seed; Ira Wallace, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange; Pete Zuck, Johnny's Selected Seeds

Organic Seed Alliance Enterprise Budget Tool

Friday, February 16

Crop Planning for Organic Seed Growers

Speakers: Daniel Brisebois, Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm; Sebastian Aguilar, Chickadee Farm, Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance

Growing Strong Seed The Biodynamic Way: 2-3:30 Pacific Time

Speakers: Thea Maria Carlson, Biodynamic Farmer and Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association; Beth Corymb, Meadowlark Hearth; Jim Fullmer, Biodynamic Farmer and Co-Director of Demeter USA; Marjory House, Biodynamic Farmer and consultant with Sero Biodynamic Seed. 

Seed Production in Cages – Challenging, Fun, and Rewarding: 4-5:30 Pacific Time

Speakers: Shaina Bronstein, Vitalis Organic Seeds; Jen Jody, Growing Opportunities Farm Community Coop, Laurie McKenzie,Organic Seed Alliance; Chris Thoreau, Farmfolk Cityfolk

Saturday February 17

Leveraging Variety Trials to Advance Organic Seed Systems: 9-10:30 Pacific Time

Speakers: Julie Dawson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Alex Lyon, University of British Columbia; Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance and University of Wisconsin-Madison

Microbial Hitchhikers on Seed: Friend or Foe? 1:30-3PM Pacific Time

Speakers: Dan Egel, Purdue University; Jim Myers, Oregon State University

Organic Hybrid Seed Production in the US: Methods and Case Studies: 3:30-5 Pacific Time

Speakers: Jeffrey Block, Gro Alliance; Jason Cavatorta, Earthwork Seeds; Tom Stearns, High Mowing Organic Seeds; Bill Waycott, Nipomo Native Seeds.

About the Organic Seed Growers Conference

The Organic Seed Growers Conference is the largest organic seed event in the US and is organized by the Organic Seed Alliance.  It takes place in Corvallis, Oregon on February 14-17, 2018. To learn more about how to attend in person, please visit the conference website at




Published December 14, 2017

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