Organic Tomato Foliar Pathogen IPM Webinar

Effectively managing foliar pathogens is one of the biggest challenges facing organic tomato growers. This webinar will provide an overview of practices that can help synergistically address this challenge. Topics will include starting with a strong foundation by building and maintaining soil health, selecting the right varieties, cultural practices that make the environment less favorable for pathogens, disease identification and management using organic fungicides. This webinar was recorded on March 21, 2018.

Presenters: Dr. Dan Egel, Vegetable Pathology Extension Specialist, Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, Purdue University; Dr. Lori Hoagland, Associate Professor, Dept. of Horticulture, Purdue University; Dr. Amit-Kum Jaiswal, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Horticulture, Purdue University

Published December 12, 2017

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