Wild Bee Monitoring, Identification, and Outreach in Organic Farming Systems Webinar

This eOrganic webinar took place on February 10, 2016.

About the Webinar

Monitoring is an essential component of wild bee conservation and restoration. In this webinar, we deliver basic wild bee identification and monitoring tools for organic farmers, and discuss how these tools can be implemented as part of the Organic Systems Plan (OSP). Furthermore, we will specifically address our outreach methods for wild bee monitoring and identification, the results of these efforts, and future directions for this program. This webinar will also feature a guest presenter, Rosy Smit, manager of the 5-acre organic garden of Camp Korey in Carnation, Washington. Smit, host of our 3 year WSU wild bee research program, will discuss how Camp Korey integrates bee conservation and education on their organic farm, and how our research program is helping to shape these efforts. This webinar is applicable to organic farmers and the general public who would like to start monitoring bees, and researchers interested in developing outreach programs.

About the Presenters

Elias Bloom is a PhD student in Entomology in the lab of Dr. David Crowder and Washington State University. His research focuses on the biology and ecology of native bee pollinators in diversified organic farming systems.

Rosy Smit has worked in many facets of the agriculture industry for the past two decades as a researcher, environmental farm planning advisor, public educator, consultant and farmer. She completed a B.Sc. in Agroecology as well as a M.Sc. in Soil Science from the University of British Columbia, and currently manages the 5-acre organic garden at Camp Korey, a residential camp that empowers children and families living with serious medical conditions through year-round, life-changing experiences.

Rachel Olsson is an Entomology Ph.D. student studying bumblebee health and the behavioral interactions between various bee groups. Originally from Olympia, WA, Rachel graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2014 with dual BA/BS degrees focused on community food system development and plant protection sciences.

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Published January 6, 2016

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