Innovative Approaches to Extension in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

This webinar was recorded on April 7, 2015. Watch it on YouTube at

About the Webinar

Agroecology has a proven track record of assessing the principles underpinning sustainable farming. Yet, approaches to utilizing research-based information to develop and deliver extension programs that allow innovative agricultural producers to make informed management decision are still lacking. In this webinar, we will explore pedagogical principles that Extension agents and agricultural educators can take advantage of when developing context-dependent outreach and educational programs for organic and sustainable farmers.

Slides from the webinar as a PDF handout

About the Presenters

Bruna Irene Grimberg is an Associate Research Professor dedicated to Science Outreach and Education at Montana State University. Bruna’s Physics and Education backgrounds allowed her to conduct research, develop and implement K-12 science teacher professional development in rural and Native American reservations, and teach university level courses in physics and science education. Her research explores how people learn science in different contexts and cultural settings aiming to increase science literacy.

Fabian Menalled is a Professor of Weed Ecology and Management at Montana State University. Fabian’s research and extension interests relate to the assessment of agroecological principles that relate to the development of sustainable farming practices.

Mary Burrows is an Associate Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist at Montana State University. Her research and extension programs address problems faced by the growers of Montana including integrated management of disease problems in field crops including cereals and pulses (peas, lentils, chickpeas). She directs the state diagnostic laboratory, a regional pulse crop diagnostic laboratory, and the state IPM program.

Published January 5, 2015

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