A Novel Nutritional Approach to Rearing Organic Pastured Broiler Chickens

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About the webinar

Presenter: Michael Lilburn, of the Ohio State University, OARDC. This webinar took place on November 5, 2013. On small scale organic farms, novel grains and pastured organic broiler chickens could be valuable additions to a multi-year organic rotation program. The chickens would contribute to soil fertility and novel cereal grains produced on the farm could help reduce the cost of organic poultry feed in subsequent years. One such novel grain is naked oats which have been studied extensively in Europe. Naked oats are higher in crude protein, methionine, and lysine when compared with corn and thus would contribute higher levels of methionine to the complete diet. This webinar will discuss naked oats as an ingredient and the results from experiments in which pastured organic broilers (commercial, RedBros) have been fed diets containing 75% naked oats.

Slides from the webinar as a pdf handout

For an update on this project, see Part 2 of this webinar which was added in 2016! Find it here.

For more information about this research project, contact Michael Lilburn at lilburn.1@osu.edu or John Anderson at anderson.37@osu.edu

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Published October 2, 2013

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